New webinar: How to change your KYC game

Are you on top of the KYC game?

Seamless KYC has become business-critical for professional law firms, dealing with client’s data in an AML and GDPR compliant manner while ensuring a great customer experience.

Too many law firms are navigating a complex regulatory landscape, using patch solutions and losing customers already at the onboarding stage due to the lack of an appropriate, intelligent solution to perform their all-around customer due diligence measures.

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Tech in time

Technology is already disrupting the law sector, pushing for new business models to balance revenue and cost streams and meet the customers’ changing demands and needs for service.

In a few years, software will be what differentiates the leading law firms from those that cannot keep up with the pace. Are you prepared for the race?

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Raise the bar

Join the upcoming webinar to raise the bar for value-adding customer onboarding and seamless ongoing due diligence without compromising compliance, customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

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We are tech experts and continuously updated on current anti-money laundering regulations and international data protection laws. Therefore, we would like to share our perspectives for a better future, creating value for you and your customers with optimised KYC procedures.

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Why work harder when you can work smarter?

  • Automate manual or monotonous time wasters.
  • Get easy onboarding of clients and transparent data management.
  • Guarantee validated data sources, continuously updated on KYC requirements.
  • Secure yourself against costly mistakes, and quickly be ready for inspection.

Meet us at the webinar

NewBanking operates a RegTech platform for automatic, secure and efficient data sharing and AML compliance for law firms and companies in the financial sector. But we are much more than a platform; we are experts supporting companies to navigate compliantly in an ever-changing complex regulatory field and safely protected from data breaches and aggressive cyberattacks.

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Christian Visti Larsen, Co-founder & CEO in NewBanking

Christian Visti Larsen’s experience from the highly regulated financial sector makes him a valued advisor for law firms and other companies now required to comply with the AML regulations.

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How to Change Your KYC Game

September 9th at 09:00 AM

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You are always welcome to contact us for a presentation of the platform, and have a chat about how the NewBanking platform can support your business.

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