Secure your personal information

Store your personal information in one place and share it safely.

The problem we solve

When you share personal information on different sites and with different companies you risk losing control of it. Hackers could get access to, steal and misuse your personal information.

Several copies

Your passport and other sensitive information is only as safe as the weakest place it is stored.

No control

The many consents you have given to different companies makes it difficult to control how your information is being used.

Unsafe sharing

Sharing personal information by email is not secure. Your information could easily be hacked.

Lack of transparency

Over the years it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of who has access to your information.

Our solution

Secure storage

Your personal information is fully protected in your own encrypted data vault.

Safe sharing

Your information is encrypted when being shared.

Free account

The account is free of charge and have full privacy. No tracking and no ads!

Full control

You are always in control of who you have given access and you can withdraw access at any time.

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Requesting a loan

Banks often require information like your ID documents, social security number, address and previous income statements.

Applying for a job

Send your application and CV securely and with an automatic expiration date for accessing it.

Contacting a lawyer

Safely share your legal contracts and other personal information and have private conversations with your lawyer.

How it works

Create your identity account here or when you first share information with a company that uses NewBanking Identity.

Add information to your account.

Easily and securely share your personal information and control who has access to it.

Secure your online identity and take back control of your personal information!

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