Need one system to manage AML? Manage both KYC and GDPR

NewBanking Identity is a software solution to manage personal information and other sensitive information. The platform collects, verifies and documents the necessary information when you onboard new customers.

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These companies use NewBanking Identity to onboard and KYC check new customers

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Business solution

Compliant with AML and GDPR

Manage sensitive information about customers in a centralized and secure way, and save time and money. You get full AML/CFT and GDPR compliance and several advantages with NewBanking Identity. It is easy to add on further services such as PEP screening.


NewBanking Identity has security, confidentiality and compliance as top priority, and eliminates human error, that could otherwise bring you in conflict with GDPR and KYC.


NewBanking covers validation of people and companies from all around the world. Secure collection, validation, storage and exchange of personal data and other sensitive information - automatically, fast and encrypted.


NewBanking Identity is a cloud-based, SaaS solution, that integrates and works seamlessly with your existing solutions.


With NewBanking Identity you are ready for audit at any time. The platform provides full transparens and insight into what data has been exchanged between companies and people.

The solution

Read about the solution that can help your company with data management and compliance.

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The Business Account comes with several features to help you comply with laws such as AML and GDPR.

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See the price plans and included features for businesses on the pricing page.

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You get the first 14 days free. You will get access to all the features such as onboarding, data validation, secure conversations and much more immediately.

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Want to know more?

If you want to know more about automatic collection, validation, storage and sharing of personal data, then join one of our events and get more information about how your KYC & GDPR processes can create value for your company using NewBanking Identity.

See how you with one system can manage AML, KYC and GDPR better.

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If you have any questions about the Business Account or want to know which plan will fit your company best, then you are welcome to contact us.

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