KYC for businesses governed by AML

NewBanking serves businesses governed by the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Directive. Our core competence is to solve the challenges you face in your know-your-customer process, counting everything from verification, risk assessment and PEP screening to correct handling of sensitive personal data to comply with AML and GDPR directives.

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Automate your KYC processes

NewBanking Identity automates KYC processes which relieve and streamline workflows for you and your customers.

We make Anti-Money Laundering uncomplicated for:

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Estate Management

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Payment Providers

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Accountancy Firms

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Gambling Providers

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Law Firms


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Unik Bolig

We integrate with Unik Bolig, a complete software solution to make everyday life easier for everyone who manages properties and leasing.

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Danske Advokater

We collaborate with the trade association; Danske Advokater, with targeted help for lawyers to live up to the industry’s AML requirements.

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Aktive Ejere

Our partnership with Aktive Ejere brings together the ecosystem of investors in Denmark, where members quickly and effortlessly achieve AML compliance.

Why leading companies choose NewBanking’s KYC platform

How will a KYC platform make a difference for you?

A well-run know-your-customer procedure can tip the scale in your favour of potential customers. While the demand for a high degree of assurance of anti-money laundering compliance increases, correspondingly, it becomes harder to be compliant without the proper digital assistance. Therefore, you have time, energy and worries to spare once you find a KYC solution that makes both AML and GDPR compliance easy.

Check a long list of requirements with NewBanking’s KYC software:

Read more about the NewBanking platform features here.

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News and events

Keep up with news and events to learn more about how you can improve, secure, ease, and optimise the necessary compliance procedures.

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Get quickly started with creating value with NewBanking Identity

We are continually updated on current AML legislation and GDPR guidelines as a member of an expert committee at Finansforbundet - the Financial Services Union in Denmark, and as part of a range of committees in the EU.

As a service provider to the financial sector and law firms, we are meeting high anti-money laundering compliance standards.

Regardless of whether you are operating in Estate Management, Leasing, Accountancy or as a Payment Provider, we are committed to advising you about best practices in your business line. Our support team is always available to set up customised flows to get you started with smooth KYC procedures.

Fast, tailored configuration for your business

Let us give you a presentation of the KYC platform, and we can figure out how to support your needs and benefit your business.

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