Widget integration - examples for inspiration

The widget is our small but powerful tool for data collection flows. You can integrate the widget on your existing website in many ways.

Find inspiration and examples below of how you can set up a page with our widget to collect information from your customers.

Widget integration
System integration illustration
Widget integration example one

Introduction left, widget right

Add your own introduction to the page to welcome your customers to this onboarding experience.

You can also create and add an FAQ section to help your customers out with typical questions or concerns.

Keep in mind what you want your customers to see first if they are using your page on mobile.

Introduction 1,2,3, links and FAQ

An introduction can be placed where you want - to the left or right of the widget - and be how you want it. Add bullets, links and all the things you think will be useful to your customers.

Widget integration example two
Widget integration example three

More information below

You can choose to show the most essential things first and add more information below for those who want to read about how it works or dig into some FAQ’s.

Video and documents

For more complex onboarding flows you might want to include some relevant documents for your customers to use.

A video guide to walk them through different steps can also be helpful in some cases, since each company and industry can have specific requirements for their customers.

Widget integration example four

The imagination is the limit

Above was of course just some examples of how you can integrate the widget. The options are many, and it is up to you to decide what you want to include in your customer experience.

See more about how to integrate the widget in our Help Center.

Widget integration