Business product features

Read below about the business features of the NewBanking Identity platform.

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Secure & protected

All data is encrypted both at transmission and at rest. So you can safely exchange information with your customers.

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Compliance by design

The system it built to make it easy for you to follow laws and regulations and act on customers who wants to withdraw information.

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Audit ready

You get digital logs on data collection, data verifications and actions made by people in your company.

AML Features

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ID verification

Automatically verify ID documents such as passport and drivers license.

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PEP, Sanctions and Adverse Media screenings

Get information about PEP, sanctions and adverse media for people and companies.

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Company information

Collect information from official sources regarding beneficial owners, board and management of a company.

Widget features

Widget screens

Onboard customers in a secure way - integrated on your site.

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The widget can be integrated directly where you need it in your own web environment.

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The widget can be configured to collect exactly the data you need.

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Data can be verified directly in the widget and will come to you with a verification log.

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Data from source

Company information can be extracted directly from the relevant source such as the CVR register.

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The widget can be styled to match your company.

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Multiple data types

Collect all the data types you need - ID documents, questionnaires, contact information and much more.

Business Account features

Business account

Features that are made to help you manage data securely and comply with laws and regulations easily.

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Request information from people directly.

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Identity profiles

View Identity profiles of your customers when they have granted you access.

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Add documents related to the customer on the profile you have on them.

Screening outline icon


Integrate screening options to automatically get information about PEP screenings and similar about your customers.

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Use tags to sort and manage the customers easily.

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Add internal notes on the profiles.

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Secure conversations

Communicate and exchange files with your customers in an encrypted and secure way.

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Request that a customer confirms the information you already have about them.

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Audit logs on verifications

View audit logs on verified data to see when and how it was verified.

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Archive data

Store information in a locked and protected way after the end of a customer relationship.

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Secure sharing

Share data with your partners securely via a unique link and access code.

Text template outline icon

Text templates

Use templates to streamline communication with your customers.

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Access management

Your company can have multiple business users that have different access rights in the system.

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Switch to the account of a colleague who have allowed you take over while they are away.

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Audit trails on actions

Important actions made by business users are logged by the system.

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