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The NewBanking Identity platform provides you with everything you need to complete a professional KYC procedure. The platform will securely and efficiently handle all steps of the process, from initial risk assessments, data collection and verification, PEP / sanctions, automatic updating and monitoring, to archiving and deleting data.

We adapt flows, procedures and layout to meet your needs so that you will be ready to use your new KYC tool in no time.

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What you get with NewBanking’s KYC platform:

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  • Widget that can be integrated on your website.
  • Customisation of colours and logo.
  • Description of business procedures with NewBanking Identity.
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Before the customer relationship starts

  • Individual risk assessment.
  • Automatic PEP screening on persons.
  • Automatic adverse media and sanctions scan on companies.
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Onboarding of customers

  • Easy onboarding of more customers at a time.
  • Fixed templates: PEP questions, AML questions, document upload.
  • Adapt flows to match the data that you would like to obtain (eg. add questionnaires).
  • Automatic ID verification: passport, driver’s license, etc., of all nationalities.
  • Automatic company information from central business registers.
  • Automatic collection of company information at foreign companies (to the extent that countries have available data sources).
  • Simple collection and verification of ID on all beneficial owners and subscription holders.
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Customer relations - ongoing due diligence

  • Ongoing monitoring and notifications for changes in the central business register.
  • Ongoing monitoring and notifications for passport expiration.
  • Your customers get their own secure account with encrypted data that they can easily share.
  • Easy, secure and compliant sharing of encrypted data with third parties.
  • Easy, secure and compliant reuse of data, e.g. when a person is active in several companies as a subscription holder, beneficial owner or as board member.
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Data storage

  • Easy archiving and timely deletion.
  • GDPR-compliance.
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  • Systematic drawing of lists, e.g for an overview of risk profiles.
  • Documentation always ready for inspection.
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Other administrative features - updated regularly

  • Digital signature (one person a time).
  • Placeholder: Access to set up new customers.
  • Attachments: Upload relevant documents for the customer profile.
  • Relations: Connect one person with more companies, so they are only registered once when they are subscription holders or beneficial owners in more companies.
  • Conversations: Send confidential messages to the customer.
  • Schedules: Plan and automate follow-up.
  • Notes: Use the note system for your internal notes on customers.
  • Text templates: Make fixed text templates for standard messages for the customers.
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  • Training of your users in the system.
  • You can always contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

When the law changes, we adapt the platform and make sure to keep you updated, so you always have a solution that optimizes your work and ensures your compliance at all times.


The NewBanking Identity Business account comes in different plans to accommodate your business needs. You can always upgrade to a bigger plan when you need it.


From 100 identities

From €175 per month

Billed annually

Setup fee from €500

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From 2000 identities

From €500 per month

Billed annually

Setup fee from €1500

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From 25.000 identities

From €4750 per month

Billed annually

Setup fee from €5000

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We are always happy to answer questions - no matter where you are in your decision-making process in relation to whether you should have a KYC system or what kind of system best meets your needs.

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Find out more about the product features

NewBanking Identity has a number of smart features that support and facilitate your work throughout the KYC process:

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