What is a declaration of consent? - When is it necessary?

Are you questioning: what is a declaration of consent? In this article, we can answer the questions of what it is, how it is filled in and why it may be necessary. This is a written document that is created when having to give consent or permission for a specific action.

More specifically, it is used in the context of travel with children, professional consent in regards to private collaboration, which is both within and outside the legal framework. It can, therefore, also be a written agreement on how an external company manages data security in another company, and so on.


What does such a statement entail?

A declaration of consent is a written agreement that covers a wide range of issues and situations. But generally speaking, there is always one party giving permission to another party to perform a particular action.

Among other things, the consent form involves:

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Which parties are involved in this document?

When filling in a declaration of consent, there are always several parties present. This involves the "giving" party and the opposite party to whom the consent is given. The descriptions and information in such a statement must be referable, which means that they must be able to identify the parties.

The essence of this whole covenant and permission is that the giving party must give consent voluntarily. This is regardless of the context. There are some points and areas which must also always be complied with and completed.

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Understand what is a declaration of consent and what the points are

It can be beneficial to have a declaration of consent template that a company or individual uses in situations where consent is required.

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